In addition to her private practice, Dr. Chloe makes a point to spread her psychology expertise by contributing to various media outlets. Whether it’s hosting live question-and-answer events, teaching webinars, or acting as a source for TV and print journalists, Dr. Chloe enjoys participating in relevant conversations. If you’re in need of an authoritative voice for modern topics involving psychology, contact Dr. Chloe immediately for a press appearance. For an immediate response to media requests, please contact Kathryn Heidke at 212.729.3922 or email

Latest article, September 2017

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Reddit AMA + Live WebEx Break-Up Seminar Event

An event sponsored by, Dr. Chloe answers your questions LIVE through WebEx, as well as through a /r/IAmA thread! In this “Ask Me Anything” session, the focus is mainly on breakups, based on Dr. Chloe’s popular “Break Up Survival Guide” contribution to Check out the video transcripts below, and be sure to read through the extensive Reddit thread!

Watch the entire playlist of the live question-and-answer event, or click on a question below to jump to that answer. Read more about this event at this blog post.

Ellevate Jam Session

In this Jam Session, Dr. Chloe challenges you to arrive with a to-do list of 3 things that you would like to accomplish, whether big goals or small, pesky items that keep bringing out procrastination. We will explore how to harness emotions so that they give us energy, fulfillment, and connection with goals, as well as the objectives to complete them. Listen to a recording of this Jam Session at this link.



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  If you would like to contact Dr. Chloe immediately for a press appearance,
please contact Kathryn Heidke at 212.729.3922 or email

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