Starting My Own Business- 5 Lessons Learned

In May 2012, I was finishing my final licensing hours after six long years of full-time doctoral training. It was such a relief to be eligible for a good salary with benefits after all those years of squeaking by on student loans and credit cards. And so deciding to leave that full-time job to focus exclusively on my own practice was daunting, to say the least. I was terrified to leave the security of a stable job and regular paycheck, but I knew [ + ]

5 Ways to Beat Social Anxiety in Business Meetings

May 11, 2015

5 Ways to Beat Social Anxiety in Business Meetings  Feelings of anxiety manifest themselves in many different ways and in a variety of situations, one of which is in the workplace. Anxiety in business meetings can be extremely debilitating if it stops you from sharing your thoughts and ideas, and being a contributing member of the team.  This pattern can leave you feeling frozen before and during business meetings,  and even end up keeping yo [ + ]

Reddit AMA + Live WebEx Break-Up Seminar

Apr 6, 2015

Reddit AMA + Live WebEx Break-Up Seminar An event sponsored by, Dr. Chloe answers your questions LIVE through WebEx, as well as through a /r/IAmA thread! In this "Ask Me Anything" session, the focus is mainly on breakups, based on Dr. Chloe's popular "Break Up Survival Guide" contribution to Check out the video transcripts below, and be sure to read through the extensive Reddit thread! Watch the entire playl [ + ]

Yoga + Emotion Workshop Recap

Mar 26, 2015

Recently I had the wonderful experience of being able to combine two of my passions: psychology and yoga. I was really thankful to have the opportunity to blend my training as a yoga teacher with what I know as psychologist in the form of a 4 week yoga-emotion workshop. When I first started as a psychologist, I actually kept my experience as a yoga teacher under wraps; I wanted to be taken seriously as a scientist and I was worried my yoga bac [ + ]

The 5-Step Plan to Achieving Any Goal

Feb 25, 2015

I recently held a goal attainment webinar for the professional women's network Ellevate. You can watch it here. Have you ever vouched to do something -- whether it's as small as crossing an item off your weekend to-do list or as big as a career change -- and then procrastinated for so long you never got around to it? Sometimes, the things we really want to accomplish are so important to us, they induce a level of anxiety that can keep us [ + ]

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