The Path to Mindfulness Part 3: Emotion and Thought Awareness

Jan 26, 2016

  Mindfulness Gives Us Perspective on Thoughts and Emotions  Mindfulness of thoughts and emotions gives us a “bird's eye view” of what’s happening with ourselves and facilitates healthier perspective-taking.  Issues are more manageable when we can observe them rather than just experiencing them without any sense of perspective.   Real-world examples of mindfulness and management of thoughts/emotions A simple example of b [ + ]

Mindfulness and the 3-Part Breath

Jan 12, 2016

In the first article of this Path to Mindfulness series, I introduced the concept of mindfulness and explored how you can begin to hone your focus and awareness by really observing a concrete object. Now that you’ve learned how to be mindful of an object, you will learn how you can start to be mindful of yourself. This article will discuss how you can begin to focus your attention inwards by becoming fully aware of your breath. Breath is a [ + ]

The Path to Mindfulness Part 1: Mindful Awareness

Jan 5, 2016

Before I became a clinical psychologist I was a certified yoga teacher, so I have been studying mindfulness for years. The field of psychology has recently begun embracing the concept of mindfulness, and these days it’s common to hear the term being thrown around outside of mental health and wellness contexts. I consider mindfulness to be a crucial tool both inside and outside of therapy, but I find that many people don’t fully understand [ + ]

When and How to Share Personal Information

Dec 20, 2015

In my Manhattan practice I often see clients who struggle with finding the right way to share personal information with others, whether in a business or intimate relationship. It can be incredibly difficult to know when and how to disclose personal details, and many people find themselves in a precarious dance between sharing info too soon or struggling to open up at all. Sharing information can be a way to increase an emotional connection [ + ]

How to Survive the Holiday Season With Your Family

Dec 13, 2015

The holiday season is here, and while this can be a wonderful and joyous time it can also come with plenty of stress. For many people, family dynamics can contribute to anxiety about holiday gatherings, but the beauty of this type of stress is that it can be planned for. These predictable stressors allow us to fill our tool belts with the necessary items for managing holiday interactions before any difficulties are met. The thing with family [ + ]

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